Kelly De La Peza


Kelly De La Peza developed an interest in plants and nature at an early age. The daughter of a dedicated home gardener, she quickly grew to share in her mother’s passion. She developed a fascination with the ever-evolving life of a garden and a connection to the natural world.

Years later, as her own daughters approached school-age, Kelly decided to return to school. Interested in a career change, she enrolled in the horticulture program at Mt. San Antonio College. From her first Horticultural Science class she knew she was exactly where she was meant to be. That excitement grew and grew, and there was no looking back.

Kelly has been with Fleur Nooyen & Associates since the installation of our first garden. As a Horticulturist and Design Associate, she is inspired by all that a well-designed garden can accomplish. She loves helping to create spaces for our clients that bring a sense of peace, tranquility, and beauty to their lives. As maintenance manager she utilizes her eye for detail to work with our team to coordinate the needs of our gardens and clients. At FNA we enjoy returning to check in on projects at different phases of their establishment and maturation. There are not many things more gratifying than experiencing a garden mature, flourish, and come to life in a beautiful way. The ability to create habitat and biodiversity through plants and trees is beyond rewarding. Kelly is extremely grateful to be a part of a team that places so much value in this and for the many clients that we have been lucky enough to work with that share in these goals.