Celine Legey-Salisian

Celine Legey-Salisian is French born and spent her childhood in France, the Ivory Coast, Gabon, and the United Arab Emirates. She eventually landed in Los Angeles in 2004 and worked for several years in the footwear industry, continuing to travel to Asia to oversee manufacturing for a large company based in L.A. Over time, she realized that what drives the fashion industry didn’t totally align with her personal values, and she launched her own brand of handcrafted shoes named [SI.ZIF].

Although never having worked in a horticultural field, as a previous entrepreneur, Celine recognizes the myriad of elements that are required to bring any project to the finish line. Having joined the team recently, she is energized and excited to put her skills to work and to provide support to the team and work alongside in the gardens for part of the time, gaining hands-on experience and loving to put her hands in the earth.

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